Temporary Resident Visa

Every Canada welcome more than one hundred thousands new comes in Canada under this category. In past few years the requirements and rules had changed a lot. And because of that candidates sees most if the refusal in this class due to lack of knowledge about the eligibility under this category. The IRCC requires certain documents based on your country of residence and citizenship. An expert professional will assist you to prepare a complete application the right documents in order to receive the approval of visa.

Travelling and exploring the new places can be very exciting. Lets explore Canadian Rockies and Arctic Glaciers with Canadian visitor visa.

Meeting your loved ones after a long time can be very memorable, specially if you are meting them in a beautiful country like Canada. Canada is one of the top tourist destination across globe. The vast northern areas, the tall Rockies, huge national parks for safari and great lakes offers immense opportunity to feel and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Under the Visitor Visa Category are single/multiple entry visas that permits to visit Canada for a holiday or to visit friends and family. The special super-visas that allows parent and grand parent of a Canadian citizen to stay for extended period of times unlike the short term visa.

There are visitor visas for the businessman and investors who want to evaluate Canadian economies and societies before investing their hard earned money.

It is a mandatory requirement to have a visitor visa before entering into Canada. Citizens of some countries are exempted from the visitor visa, however they are required to obtain ETA prior to their arrival in Canada.

The required document could vary based on your purpose of visit, your profession, county of residence and your citizenship.

Please contact VIS Team to discuss the visitor visa eligibility requirement and required supporting document in order to complete and prepare the application for visitor visa as per IRCC requirement.

Student Permit & Visa

In the last couple of decades Canada is among the top choice for international student to pursue their further studies. Canada offers diversity and amazing hospitality to new international students. Canadian universities and colleges are ranked among the top institution by various agency. The strong and vibrating economy Canada provides enough opportunity to polish their education skills after their graduation. Most of the Canadian universities and community colleges are fully funded by local government, and they are equipped with state of art technology and facilities. These facilities and knowledgeable teachers provides knowledge to their student to get ready for the job market. Canadian universities offers number of scholarships to the overseas students. Many educational institution offers in-campus residence.

From last couple of years, the student partnership program is most desirable program to obtain the student visa. This program is designed to attract potential international students and promote Canadian education systems. This program lately has become top choice among the student coming from India, China and other Asian countries.

Canadian government offers up to 3 years of post-graduation work permit get Canadian work experience. These experience can lead to the grant of permanent residence under various federal and provincial program.

Student can work up to 20 hours during their study term and full-time during the term breaks. These opportunities helps them to earn the adequate wages to support their living expenses.

VIS Team would be more than happy to assist you to prepare and submit the application for your study permit. So that you take stress only to attain valuable Canadian academic knowledge.

Work Permit & Visa

Canada as a member of G7 has a prosperous economy that needs skilled and semi-skilled workers that are engine to the continuous growth of small, medium and large business houses. If your qualifications and experience match and your employer has a positive LMIA, you could qualify for the work permit that allows you to work and live in Canada.

Working in Canada comes with other benefits as well apart from gaining Canadian work experience:

  • Access to Local education for dependent Childs
  • Access to healthcare
  • Enrollment in Canadian Pension Plans
  • Path to become Permanent Residence including your Spouse and qualified dependents

The Canadian government has strict rules and provides social security to the foreign worker. Every employer has to follow minimum employment standard in terms of wages, safe work environment and employer provided benefits such as stat holiday and medical benefits. The Canadian economy is growing, the country needs more skilled workers than ever. Contact VIS Team today to get more information on the processing of work permit.

Spouse/Partner Open Work Permit & Visa

The spouse and dependent Childs of a skilled worker and international students are eligible to get Spouse open work permit for their spouse and study permit for their dependent Childs. This program is one of the highlight of Canadian immigration system. This also symbolize the commitment of Canadian government that it values family relation more than anything.

Under this program, the spouse and dependent child of an eligible overseas worker and students can get the work permit and student permit for the same duration as the primary applicant respectively.

The required documents under this program could vary than normal work permit program. However, spouse and dependent children of primary applicant to meet the eligibility of temporary resident of Canada.

VIS Team would be love to reunite eligible families in Canada. Please contact our team.

Live-in Caregiver Work Permit & Visa:

The caregiver work permit & visa program is for those worker who has previous worked as caregiver or nurse in their home county and Canada.

The caregiver workers assist those family where a person who needs 24 hours care. Under this program a overseas worker may have to reside with the patient/person who needs care.

Currently as per IRCC instruction, this program is closed to new applicants. For new applicant who would like to work as a caregiver in Canada, should apply for a regular work permit with LMIA.

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